Friday, July 07, 2006

Nintendo aiming to please, or subtly slap in the face?

As the United State's president has recently turned 60, Nintendo mailed him a new hand-held console called the DS-Lite (Nintendo's new Gameboy with dual screens) and a copy of the game called Brain Age. The game aims at keeping people sharp with simplistic yet challenging games that target a wide array of people. The package came with a note of inspiration to aging President Bush to keep him sharp in his later years. I just can't resist the temptation that some higher-ups in the Nintendo Corporation thought that it would be funny to send our blundering President something to make him a little smarter. I am probably wrong, and I love Nintendo so I dare not smear their image, but it just makes me snicker. I also like to take the opportunites to laugh at W. when I can.


Blogger Kit said...

I believe Nintendo should give Bush The Settlers on Thanksgiving as a followup, because by taht time he oughta be sharp enough to conquer a slow paced strategy game like The Settlers. On second thought, Microsoft's Age of Empires is already out; I don't know why Nintendo missed this one. Hehehehehh

The Settlers DS
Age of Empires

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