Wednesday, April 04, 2012

DMZ, Palace, and Noise Basement

Woke up at 6:45 to get breakfast
7:30am got picked up by personal driver to be delivered to Meyongdong bus
8:30am rode bus to Dorasan Train Station where the South Korean train tracks connect up to North Korea. Then we rode to 3rd Tunnel where North Koreans attempted to tunnel all the way to Seoul underground in a 7 foot wide passage way to send troops in to capture Seoul. We ended our trip seeing the Unification Bridge and then a last stop at the Amethyst factory which is mined from Korea.
Next we went took a cab from Itaewon where we were dropped off to the Palace near Meyondong.
Finally we arrived back in Hongdae and finally got some dinner at a Hof Bar which serves chicken and beer.
We bar hopped all over Hongdae including NB (Noise Basement). We also drove over to Gundam and found the NB there. I almost got in a fight with a bro over a girl, and met some cool Australians.

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