Sunday, May 17, 2009

I <3 MGMT and Finding MWE's

I'm a horrible horrible sell-out and I love this friggin MGMT video. It is so hipsterish and popular, but damn its catchy and the student who made the video did a great, albeit strange, job. I'm also enjoying Electric Feel by them too. Both the vids are definitely helping stay awake and focus on my Python program for my linguistics class.

In my ling class we are writing a program to search for MWE's, or Multi Word Expressions like "kick the bucket" or "stay on track" etc. Turns out it is really hard to get a computer to find these, but ask anyone on the street for some expressions and they'll list a good boat-load out easily. All of it is really fun though, I just wish I had more time to use MapReduce to make my program be able to divide up the work of scanning the corpus of words much faster, as Google does. Maybe in my next lifetime, or at a job in my future... ;).

Here is "Electric Feel" to continue the hipster trend: