Thursday, August 17, 2006

Trip to Georgia

I just recently got back from Georgia. I had a good time with my dad and stepmom hanging out and seeing what the southern state is all about. It is not nearly as hot and humid as everyone makes it out to be. I think San Jose in California was on par with the heat, too. Besides that, the surrounding nature was a nice change from my urban concrete jungle and the people were friendly.

My dad and stepmom are working hard on building some beautiful homes there. We took a bunch of photos of the nearly complete home, and some of the second home which needs some more work. They are some very beautiful homes to be sure, and you really get a bang for your buck out there in Canton, Georgia. I worked hard on my dad's new website promoting the new homes, which was a major revamp of the old site. I think it looks pretty good and wouldn't mind any critiqueing or complements.

While I was there I also took a quick drive-through tour of Georgia Tech, and after a little bit of research I found out it is one of the top engineering universities in the nation. Thusly, I threw it on the list of grad schools where I'll apply. Grad school preparation is a bear, including studying for GRE's and doing all the big applications; I've got my fingers crossed.


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