Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ah professors....

I was sitting in my Windows Programming class when someone piped up with a comment. They wanted the program example that we are working on to function more like Windows does with icons on the desktop or in folders. When you click an empty portion of screen and drag, Windows draws a rectangle starting from where you clicked to where the mouse is currently. Simple. Everyone who has used a computer for more than 5 minutes knows this.

Well, don't overestimate people; my professor paused a brief moment, and looked confused. The student clarified exactly what he meant and gave the him more specific instructions on how to drag a rectangle on the desktop. Being a very earnest teacher, my professor said something to the effect of "That is the first time I have ever done that in my life. You learn something every day."


Chuckles echoed through the classroom. I cannot believe that a professor who claims over 20 years of programming, with probably as many doing actual Windows programming, has never ever seen that.

Just rediculous silliness. The madness continues....

It should be noted that my unnamed professor is a great and knowledgeable guy. I just hope he doesn't surf my blog. ;)


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