Thursday, August 25, 2005

SJSU finally begins

The first day of class, yayzors! I am trying to add so many classes, OMG. It's kinda cool though because I am taking some sweeet classes:
  • computer architecture
  • programming paradigms (includes learning languages Haskell, Scheme, and Prologue, all very exciting)
  • windoze programming (maybe)
  • data structures (maybe)
  • server side web programming (maybe)
  • linear algebra ;( (maybe)
  • and more!!!
I am a little scared of taking SO many CS classes all at once, but I think they are all pretty different. I am just happy to be actually doing upper division stuff in my major.

Well, it's nap time. Nice talking to y'all. G'night...


Blogger Glenn said...

Yeah, I noticed...and deleted em. Some people really suck trying to post horrible English that really has nothing to do with anything, then just happen to throw a link in to some site selling Cialis. Gawd.

6:39 PM  

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