Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Programming languages

So things are rolling.

I am gettin more and more interested in my Programming Paradigms class. Our first project is to write a simple portion of what a compiler does when it turns source code for a program into an excutable, suitable for running.

The class is also sparking my interest in learning more languages like OCaml, Lisp (namely Scheme), and Haskell. All of those are actually functional programming languages. Oh, and Python, which isn't. But Google uses it, so it's cool too. Hehe. I also want to learn XML and XSLT, but that's another story.

Made a friend today in my Unix Admin class...hopefully he will pan out to be more than a casual friend cuz I need more CS friends.

Ah, and my new vid card is yet to have fancy linux drivers used on it....because I am lazy. I really need to jump back on the Linux-as-a-Desktop horse, because I hate Windoze, a lot.

Sigh. Ttyl.


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